Hello! I’m Talia Sullivan and in 2017 I relocated back to Inner West Sydney after spending several years in the US, raising my family and practicing as a Certified DONA Doula and childbirth educator.

As a mother of two I totally understand the challenges of parenthood and the emotional journey you are about to embark on. Remember though, as a woman your body is made to do this. And my job is to help you to feel guided, supported and empowered along the way.

Being a Doula for almost 12+ years has been so rewarding and I’ve loved being a part of so many birth stories. I also offer Natural Childbirth workshops for couples and specialist prenatal yoga classes.

Don’t be afraid – you were born to do this!



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Natural Childbirth Preparation

My customised Natural Childbirth Preparation workshop is designed to prepare you and your partner to enter your labour feeling empowered to birth naturally.

Merging wisdom from the yoga, doula and midwifery worlds makes this course a well rounded & holistic approach to birth.

Usually offered as a workshop, I’m currently offering couples an opportunity to have Private Natural Childbirth Education via telephone and a shared presentation over a few sessions. You’ll have plenty of time for questions  and I will offer you personalised guidance particular to your situation.

We will cover:

 – The natural birth process.
 – Birth physiology and hormones and how the help us.
 – What to expect and how to copy with the three stages of labour.
– Birth Plans: How to make one and what to include.
– Birth Interventions: What they are and possible alternatives.
 – Movement in labour: Birth positions and the benefits of an active labour.
 – Hands on Comfort measures.
– How to be a Fabulous Labour Support Partner.

Price per couple is $250

Have questions about preparing for natural childbirth? Like to hear more about workshops?

Prenatal Yoga

You don’t have to be a practiced yogi to benefit from pre-natal yoga. Take time-out to connect to your body and with your baby.

Feel radiant and bond with your bub through gentle stretching and nurturing yoga shapes. These specialised pregnancy yoga classes are a wonderful opportunity to meet other women going through this very special life-cycle too!

Contact me if you’re interested in a one-on-one prenatal yoga class or if you would like to organise a small group.

Beautiful pregnant woman doing prenatal yoga.

Doula Support

Pregnancy and birth is a natural process but it is totally normal to experience trepidation and a sense of overwhelm for both the mum-to-be and partner. Having a doula allows couples to embrace the unknown and allow the birth to unfold.

During labour I create a calm environment and utilise acupressure and massage to ease pain. I’m also an invaluable support for partners during this incredibly intense time – I can feel the sighs of relief already!

It’s really important to feel confident in making decisions that are right for you. So, with a flexible birth-plan and lots of conversation during the months prior I help relieve some of these concerns. I bring an in-depth experience of natural birth; making it easier for you to navigate the sometimes complicated medical system.

As a certified doula I offer a holistic perspective and individually tailored support. My aim is to always fit in with your medical team and your particular needs. Isn’t it about time you feel nurtured and empowered? This is an exciting time so let’s get started!

I’m not currently taking on any new clients for 2022. Please email me if you would like a recommendation.

Kind Words

"I cannot recommend highly enough the beautiful Doula Talia. Talia helped me ease my anxieties and fears & on the big day helped me get through EVERY contraction. I couldn't have done it without Talias support, reassurance and advocacy."
"Talia really guided me away from fear and to a place where I could feel safe and supported. I wouldn't have made it through without you, and our overall birth experience was so great in large because of you."
"Talia helped me and my partner greatly during the birth of our daughter and in preparing for the birth. She talked me through every contraction and explained what was happening throughout the labour. We are so thankful that she was with us!!"
"Talia really guided me away from fear and to a place where I could feel safe and supported. I wouldn't have made it through without you, and our overall birth experience was so great in large because of you."​